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SK Ranch Heritage

In Northern Utah there exists one of the West's authentic working horse and cattle ranches in operation today.   Located in the northwest region of the Rocky Mountains in the beautiful Cache Valley, SK Ranch calls Benson Utah home.  At SK Ranch we utilize our years of experience, stewardship, and love for the animals to continue the western lifestyle we live and love.  SK Ranch has been owned and operated by the Kunzler and Spencer families for over 50 years, this respected heritage ranch operated with the amenities of a sustainable working cattle and American Quarter horse operation.  Historically beginning in 1969 the ranch raised hundreds of cattle and horses on national forest and BLM lands in Logan Canyon as well as the deeded acres of the ranch.  SK Ranch has a long-established legacy in the preservation of America's 2 most iconic old west domestic livestock.  Both cattle and horses are at the heart of the old American west and livelihood of ranchers alike, at SK Ranch we continue to embrace their legacy.

The daily ranching business is still conducted the traditional way of using horses to gather, doctor, brand, and check cattle.  What makes our location unique is the community and friendships we share with some of the greatest neighbors.  The success of the ranch rides high on the shoulders of the community who circle the wagons for brandings, gathering cows, 4H steer sponsorships, and horse sales.  Although raising cattle is an everyday responsibility and our livelihood, the SK Ranch is specifically focused on the breeding and sale of our AQHA registered horses.  We are truly grateful and blessed to be pursuing our dream of raising quality livestock, it is exciting to share our passion with new friends.  We invite you out to the ranch to take part in the journey.  

The ranch encompasses lush pastures and meadows both deeded and leased for Spring/Summer grazing as well as harvested crops to feed livestock throughout the winter.  There is a bounty of water at SK Ranch via water shares, canals, rivers, streams, pond seeps, and wheel lines. The ranch encompasses nearly 2,000 acres in total and leases over 10,000 acres of National Forest Service grazing.  Today, the ranch stands 3 Stallions (Rio Starlight, Rios Little Fashion, and Blue Frosty Ed), we average around 25 broodmares and a fresh crop of foals each Spring.  Once you step foot on the ranch we consider you part of the family, our connection is bonded by new partnerships of show horses and show steers.  We offer continued help and education as much as possible, we want our new family to feel like there is a community of help at their fingertips. Our passion is researching and matching pedigrees of superior American Quarter horses that we believe are the best-using horses.  Our ranch focuses on foundation horses with history, we have 40 years of breeding experience and preferred sires we keep as our foundation.  Experience, hard miles, and time have proven which foundation bloodlines work best for our needs.  While concentrating on raising horses that can assist in our operations, we breed for durability, stamina, intelligence, cow sense, athleticism, and a powerful conformation.  We have found that these traits translate well into arena competitions and success for their owners.  Our recipe consists of crossing traditional ranching cow horse blood with some new performance blood that goes back to the foundation we began with.  For strength, stamina, bone structure, and grit we continually breed back to Joe Hancock, Driftwood, Eddie 40, Poco Bueno, Lucky Blanton, Three Bars, and Old Sorrel.  For our performance lines, we select from more recent bloodlines that still carry the foundations we entrust.  These Sires include Mr San Peppy, Mr Gunsmoke, Two Eyed Jack, Smart Chic Olena, Smart Little Lena, Grays Starlight, Doc Bar, Colonel Freckles, Doc Olena, and Docs Hickory.  To remain viable in the horse industry, breeders must continue to make progress while improving animal genetics.  Both riders and industry expectations are changing, producers must also respond by making genetic changes and improvements.  The inspiration for a relatively small ranch like the SK is to continue to inspire people, to achieve higher degrees of efficiency, and proactively respond to the demands of an evolving horse market.  Our end goal is to provide our clients with a horse willing to go in the direction you desire so that you can enjoy a safe, hearty companion.

We specialize in raising Angus cattle and Simmental embryo calves. We steward over an average of 400 Simmi Angus, purebred Angus, and Charolais mother and calf pairs annually.  Each year we retain about 50 replacement heifers to continue our breed integrity and we expose all our heifers to around 20 bulls annually.  The ranch raises about 20 embryo calves each year. We love the continued pursuit of our heritage and will continue to forge ahead offering quality livestock and excellent using horses.  We invite you to come back regularly to our ranch!

We will continue to update the articles in this blog and look forward to engaging with new friends who schedule a visit.  Thank you for your support and continued interest in our program.