Sale Barn

We appreciate your interest in our horses! Our business is based on what we know and do best, that is horses. We are dedicated and very passionate about the horse we raise! We want to help you to find the cow horse that you always dreamed of having and will enjoy owning!  SK Ranch and Livestock breeds intelligent Using and Performance horses not only of color and beauty but horses that possess exceptional bloodlines, athleticism, and trainability.

If you like the competitive edge of cutting, team penning, roping, or ranch sorting, we have a selection of ready-to-train horses. Or if you enjoy the leisure and relaxation of trail riding, we offer gentle and quiet horses that you would have to travel cross country to find better quality than the dispositions we offer. Or if you spend your day's ranching, doing your job the cowboy way and need a reliable, solid using horse that you can saddle up ride all day that is cow savvy and ready to work -- Look No Further! 

You can spend countless hours, days, and weeks or wear out a pickup truck trying to find your dream horse. Let us work for you and fit you with a horse that you can enjoy and be proud to own. With our knowledge and years of experience, we can save you time and money! We are committed and pledge to work for you. Again we appreciate your interest, please browse our available stock and stop by or call to purchase your next companion.